Software engineering at the highest quality standards and very reasonable cost

We help you create great remote teams!


Software engineering at the highest quality standards and very reasonable cost

We help you create great remote teams!

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Software development

Software development at the lower cost

 IT Outsourcing is our core business. Wether it’s development of WEB protals, mobile applications, ebedded systems or other types of software applications. We provide design services, content management, testing (Q.A.) or consulting services. We offer high quality developers, great unfrastructure, reliable management system, full transparency and legal protection of your business.


Jobs at Atessoft

If you are looking for a company that cna support zour career the best possible way, with a true balance of challenges, possibility of education, progress, financial stability, team work, travel, and meeting colleagues from all over the world, Ates Soft is the right place for you. The work atmosphere at Ates Soft is open for innovation, proffesional success, mutual respect, outstanding task management and personal progress, aligned with professional qualifications and affinities.

Who we are
and what we do?

Our Team

Ates Soft, Nish, Serbia is the address where clients from all over the world find an ideal partner for mutual development of demanding projects. Also, young IT experts, get an ideal chance to build an exciting and successful career.

Regardless whether we develop the on-demand software from the initial idea to its full implementation, or we create a team that is going to be a part of your organization, we approach the projects thoroughly and offer the highest quality standards. If you entrust us with your project, you’ll get not only high quality, flexible and affordable resources, but also gain time, which has become an important factor in today’s business world. Thus you can focus on your core business. High quality of the product and lower development price, secured by your outsourcing partner will make your business more competitive.

Company’s headquarters are in Nis, the biggest city in Southern Serbia, and we have outlets in Belgrade and Novi Sad.

We perceive ourselves as the best partner for demanding clients. Those who wish for more, more flexibility and more dedication. The tendency to always give more is deeply uprooted in our corporate strategy. We want to nurture honest and open relationship with our clients because it is the only way to build long-lasting and successful partnerships. The success of our partners is our success.

Why Ates?

Atessoft is yours the most reliable partner

If you are looking for a reliable partner to develop specific software applications, at Ates Soft you will find an ideal balance of price and performance – “Value for Money”. We are there during the full life cycle of any software – ranging from the idea for a new software product, design and programming, maintenance, support and further development.

Serbia is one of the most famous outsourcing destinations in Europe and is characterized by an excellent relationship of quality and price, as well as proximity to the target market. The company’s headquarters are in Nis, a large university town and the center of South Serbia. It is characterized by a tradition in the education of IT professionals and noticeably lower costs compared to other large cities in Serbia.

 The owner and management of the company have extensive experience in managing complex IT projects and applying the best industry quality standards in the field. Seriousness, reliability, commitment and efficiency of each project. Our HR services are the highest level. We have a large base of quality resources. Our business procedures ensure full transparency and security. Our advantages are exceptional infrastructure and great flexibility in the agreements.

Clients experience

Our clients help us to improve and strive for more.

Most wanted jobs in Atessoft

We are always looking for talents

Several positions are always open at Atessoft. We want to contact you, even if your experience and knowledge currently does not fit our requirements. Complete overview of our offer.

PHP Developer

You have proven experience in developing PHP, you have sufficient knowledge of HTML5/CSS3, front-end frameworks and JavaScript in order to ...

QA Engineer

We are looking for QA Engineer

Android Developer

Atessoft is looking for Android developers for an ambitious project


Latest from Atessoft


You may always find us here.

Address: Kopitareva 19, Niš, Republika Srbija

Phone: +381 18 451 7530  +381 18 452 1116



Representative office for BENELUX countries

Contact: drs. Petar Peric ApisTech ICT

Phone: +31 654 638 123