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A unique combination of young talents and experienced experts

If you are looking for a reliable partner to develop specific software applications, at Ates Soft you will find an ideal balance of price and performance – “Value for Money”. We are there during the full life cycle of any software – ranging from the idea for a new software product, design and programming, maintenance, support and further development.

Ates Soft offers its clients a choice between two basic business models

Time & Material (T&M)
  • Also called „Classical Outsourcing“, “Dedicated team” or „Pay per hour“ business model
  • The client gives a list of „ideal candidate profiles“ according to which we find appropriate developers that can be easily integrated into current or future teams as remote members.
  • Ates Soft carries out the recruitment process and provides all the necessary logistics for the team (equipment, office space, corporate culture, HR management services, etc.)
Fixed Price Project (FPP)
  • Upon receiving all necessary inputs from the client’s side, Ates Soft defines the scope of work and delivers a Project Proposal
  • The project proposal includes a project description, time estimation, software development services, the project wireframes, and the UX/UI design. Project management and QA are also included.
  • Software Development Agreement is signed, and the client becomes a Project Owner. The PO is informed of the project status after every sprint iteration.

The process

Our HR team initiates a profound search through our network to find adequate personnel for the project.

Formation of the team and onboarding. Defining project specifications, methodology, and technologies. Planning, project kick-off, and implementation of development cycles.

A series of preparatory meetings between the management and potential clients to get to know their business and project requirements.

Rounds of technical and motivational interviews between our candidates and stakeholders on the client’s side.

Maintain a strong relationship with the client, providing assistance and ongoing support during the project.

Why we are better than others?

  • Quick in creating dedicated teams for our clients. Equally good in both headhunting and talent sourcing. We attract young talents through scholarship and internship programs and also we track the careers of experienced IT experts with whom we maintain a good relationship.


  • Great experience of the founder and the management of our company in running complex software development projects and application of the highest industry standards in technical and organizational terms. In the last 10 years, we have successfully completed hundreds of projects.


  • We create an inspiring work environment and pay full attention to the satisfaction and motivation of our associates. Team spirit is a priority at our company. Ates Soft is a well-known name, has a great tradition, and is proven to be a desirable place to work.

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