Why Ates?

Atessoft is yours the most reliable partner

If you are looking for a reliable partner to develop specific software applications, at Ates Soft you will find an ideal balance of price and performance – “Value for Money”. We are there during the full life cycle of any software – ranging from the idea for a new software product, design and programming, maintenance, support and further development. 

Different from others

What sets us apart from others is:

Serbia is one of the most famous outsourcing destinations in Europe and is characterized by an extraordinary ratio between price and quality, along with the vicinity to the niche markets.

The headquarters of our company is in Nish, a big university center in Southern Serbia. Characterized by long tradition in educating IT experts, and distinctly lower expenses in comparison to other cities in Serbia.
Great experience of the founder and the management of our company in running complex IT projects and application of the highest industry standards.
Professionalism, reliability, dedication, and efficiency.
The highest standards of HR services and great resource database.
Business procedures which allow full transparency and safety.
The best infrastructure.
Negotiation flexibility.

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