Why work at Ates?

If you are looking for a company that can support your career the best possible way, with a true balance of challenges, possibility of education, progress, financial stability, team work, travel, and meeting colleagues from all over the world, Ates Soft is the right place for you. The work atmosphere at Ates Soft is open for innovation, professional success, mutual respect, outstanding task management and personal progress aligned with professional qualifications and affinities. The things that separate us from the others:


  • Interesting and complex projects using the most contemporary technologies in software development.
  • Organized corporate surrounding which applies the highest quality standards.
  • Team work with constant exchange of ideas and experience, possibility of learning from the best, participation in international teams and direct contact with the clients abroad.
  • Extraordinary working conditions at one of the most advanced IT centers in Serbia.
  • Investment in human resources development innovative HR service which constantly cares about the development and the advancement of the career of each employee.
  • Possibility of travel and continuation of one’s career abroad.
  • Negotiating flexibility.
  • Great financial conditions.

What our employees say:

The first day I came to Ates the atmosphere was great! Everybody was in a good mood, and at the end of that day I had a feeling I was there for a year. Later on I realized that Ates is the right place for me – Ates allowed me to be a part of a great team, work on an innovative project and successfully build my career. The corporate culture is helpful and open, which was very important for me since most of the colleagues had more experience than me. I need to stress that this kind of friendship, team spirit and constant progress exists only at Ates.”
Vladimir Rinčić
Front end developer
Ates is the right place for every ambitious developer- and that’s one of the reasons for me being a part of this team. I have a chance to perfect the segment that interests me the most – web development. Besides, I’m using the latest technologies and every day I learn something new. What’s more the team of the project we are developing is really interesting. The thing that is unique is the possibility of travel – our team visits our parent company at least once a year. Even though we visited Switzerland several times each time it’s a new experience which makes working at Ates great!
Ivan Marković
Web Developer
The work at Ates allowed me not only to develop professional, but also leadership skills. Initially, when I got the offer to be in the place of team leader, I was not certain whether I could live up to the expectations. However, when my team began developing projects, I realized that Ates has work environment which provides full support every time when there is an obstacle during the development. In spite of huge responsibility this surroundings allows for easy trouble shooting and it highly appreciates good results. These are the things that made a lasting impression on me, and that’s why I’m a part of Ates team to this day.
Miloš Novićević
Team leader