Why Magento

Magento is, in the last years, most widely used eCommerce platform in the world. Due to many users, the system is fully tested and therefore extremely stable. The basic system is made to have everything that you might wish to have for an online store. Nowadays, this eCommerce platform is the most complete and flexible. Its advantage is that you actually can manage your own store, without any help or waiting for help.

Having Magento as your e-shop choice, you can:

–          Improve SEO

–          Export feed

–          Affiliate set-up

–          Install different purpose extensions to improve your work

–          Have multiple websites or stores

This system has different kinds of functionality that are carefully selected and chosen according to merchants needs. It is created and further developed together with merchants. By carefully listening to market demands and needs, Magento made the perfect platform for the e-shops, and, on the other hand, merchants got the perfect platform for their selling. Magento created firm and stable community network, engaged in giving support to running your online store.  In addition, there are plenty of free and paid extensions available. If we can not find one that you need, our team of experts can make it for you.

Our team makes everything easier, and provides full support to our clients. If we can not find what you need on Magento market, our team will custom make it, only for you.

Our Magento team

If you are looking for the right partner to start with your e-shop, then we are the right people for you. We are dynamic, fast, efficient, motivated and ready to deal with all kind of tasks and projects, even the most complex ones. We are providing support for existing Magento shops, as well as building new ones from scratch. Our people understand the e-shop mechanism – therefore clients love them.

Our team potential:

The most widely used e-shop

  • Experienced team of Magento developers, each with their own specialty (design, front-end, back-end)

  • We make unique custom designs

  • Our Magento shops are SEO optimized and have high conversion

  • We are able to link with ERP & POS systems – depending on your shop potential and growth

  • We can develop custom modules – according to your needs

  • What we offer:

    • Magento desing according to your or our idea

    • Magento custom template development

    • B2B, B2C shops development

    • Magento optimization

    • Magento support – for shops developed by our team, or existing ones

    • Our Project Managers support and Magento training

    • Magento mobile solutions

    • We help you to choose the right Magento version in the appropriate hosting package

    • We work with our clients constantly, so we can be informed about every step they want to make. Their strength and progress in work is also ours. Only if we understand and respect our client needs, we are able to react fast, and make the best decision for the given task.

      Platforms that we made are characterized by the unique, user friendly design, tailored for e-shops and their needs.

      Different Magento packages give different opportunities to merchants. Together we can choose the best package and configuration.

      It is a shop that will grow with you. Let us build it together.