Quality Assurance

Testing and verification of the software is one of the key phases in the development process of any software project and accordingly is the key part of the services Ates Soft offers, not depending on the chosen model of cooperation. The need for quality software and good testing is permanent and it does not depend on the type of software and the chosen technology.


Ates Soft offers the possibility of contracting additional QA services for projects that clients themselves develop or via other outsourcing partners. There we offer:

Quality Assurance

  • Consulting in acquiring QA rules and procedures, their involvement in the process of software development so as to get a better built quality and functionality of any high end software application, during and after the process of development.

  • Defining the testing strategy and the choice of methods for manual and automatic testing, which are a mix of different types of tests, the most important being: functional, integration, dev, regression, stress, load, unit, security i penetration tests.

  • Testing process planning

  • Acquiring the needed documentation, types, Test Reports, dynamics of their assembly, and possible Alert procedures.

  • Defining Test Cases and Test scenarios.

  • Manual testing according to the predefined dynamics, and predefined scenarios. Test report creation.

  • Automatic testing by using the chosen tools and generating suitable test reports.

  • Introducing system Unit testing, training of developers and overview of the discipline of its usage.

  • Implementing Performance tests, which involve Application layer and Hardware layer, after the change of hardware infrastructure or migration of the system software.

  • Implementation of Security/Penetration testing on case to case bases.

  • Creating of specific test data on case to case bases, including „Data Masking“ procedure.

Based on the clients requirement, Ates Soft experts (QA Analysts, Test Mangers, Test Engineers) perform process analysis on the project and suggest „Tailor made“ approach for the full control of the software quality and adequate testing on the given project. It’s a two phase service:

  • Analysis phase (Set Up phase), that analyses the needs and sets the basis of the system.

  • Regular activities – daily implementing of the determined QA strategy