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.NET Developer

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About the client

The expertise of a leader and the agile culture of a start-up: this is the origin of the client’s success! Launched in 2014, the client is a smart business expense management solution for companies of all sizes. The company is currently during an internationalization process and is now a major player outside of France, accompanying 5,000 companies in more than 100 countries and bringing together more than 500,000 users on its platform, spread over five continents. It is committed to reinventing business expense management with a 360° unified payment system that automates the process and saves time for employees and finance teams. The solution automates the entire process from payment to accounting integration, providing users with unparalleled functional completeness and financial process expertise.


Job description

Design and deliver integrations of the client’s solution with the information system (accounting, payroll or talent management, business management, travel management, SSO).
These activities include the complete management of technical integrations in collaboration with the project manager: Validation of needs, specifications, development, documentation, acceptance of the solution delivered to the customer, correction, and evolutionary maintenance of the solution.

Actively participate in industrialization in an innovative and disruptive culture of strong digital transformation (automation, data-driven, demanding UX) by building and improving tools, ultimately allowing customers to be integrated through simple settings (NO-CODE integration). These activities consist of standardizing integrations to enrich the library of integration packages and then offering them to customers as standard in the client’s solution. The integration developer can be proactive in the constant improvements of the back end and participates in the development of industrialization tools.


Activities and tasks related to the position:

  • Needs analysis and optimization recommendations
  • Technical specifications of customer integrations and industrialization tools
  • Development in .NET, C#, and WPF based on SQL Server and Azure Cloud services
  • Recipe and bug bash of developed solutions
  • Technical training of implementation and support employees


Why become a full-stack client integration developer and possible evolutions

The customer integration team is the ideal environment to participate and experience the digital transformation of companies daily, ranging from very small businesses to large groups, within a young, dynamic and passionate team about learning every day: You will be trained continuously on a solution at the top of digital innovation and the best practices of agile development based on the latest generation tools! You will be able to interact with developers, project managers, support, and product managers.


Preferred experience

  • Proven practice in algorithms and development
  • The proven practice of .NET, C#, SQL languages ideally around SQL Server, Azure, Cloud Services, and Git stacks
  • Mastery of active listening: Understand and reformulate customer demand
  • An inquisitive and problem-solving mind
  • Rigorous and analytical
  • Strong desire to learn in a constantly changing environment
  • A marked attraction for technology (computing, artificial intelligence, database, and business intelligence)


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