HR Management

Regardless of the chosen model of cooperation, while developing each project, it is of the utmost importance to choose educated professional and highly motivated people and put them in productive and compact teams. Accordingly Ates Soft dedicates great attention to HR Management, which is one of our greatest strengths.

HR Management service in each model of project implementation is done with the help of Ates Soft, though it can be included as an additional service. For example, if you have your own company in Serbia, and you need reliable partner in the area of Recruitment or HR Management.

As the largest country in the territory of former Yugoslavia, Serbia is one of the most interesting outsourcing destinations in Europe. Even though we have a small number of residents, Serbia is a great talent poll in the software industry and a host to a large number of software companies, local as well as global. Quality of education, traditional openness towards Western culture and close ties to western companies via huge Serbian diaspora, good language skills and easy access to the necessary experience, as well as low cost work force and other business inputs, resulted in making Serbia one of the Top Five outsourcing destinations in Europe. Ates Soft is one of the leaders in the IT/HR market in Serbia.


The reasons for the dominant position in the HR market are:

HR Management

  • Huge experience (more than 20 years) of the owner and the management of the company in doing business in Serbian IT market, and accordingly, strong networking and official as well as unofficial sources of information.

  • Strong HR Team within the company which consists of HR Manager and multiple HR Assistants, that constantly monitor Serbian HR Market.

  • Data base consisting of several thousand high qualified IT experts who have been contacted and whose career is being monitored, regardless whether they work at Ates Soft or other IT companies.

  • Great cooperation with the Universities in Serbia that educate IT experts. The headquarters of our company in Nish is situated only a few hundred meters from the University campus, and we closely cooperate with other state or private Universities in Serbia.

  • A distinct touch for „Talent sourcing“ – support for youth projects via sponsoring student organisations, providing regular practice, organizing programming competitions. We possess a varied “pool” of future IT experts, whose projects were sponsored by our company.

Successful HR Management does not only mean a great number of candidates and quick high-quality selection. The things that come after are crucial. Our HR experts have an individual approach to each employee in order to help him or her with adjusting to the project teams as well as further professional development and education, so they can fully realize their potential.

Also, while creating the teams according to your requirement, we account not only for the expertise, but also for “the x-factor”, good vibe, that has to exist among the members of the teams as well in the cooperation with the client. The primary reason for that is, of course, full efficiency of the team and successful project development.

Besides the basic HR services we offer, we can organize special coaching and training, in agreement with our clients, which include organized accommodation at the client’s location.

Your decision to entrust HR management to Ates Soft, even if you decide to have your own entity in Serbia, makes that business much more efficient and safe, and allows you to fully focus on the core business.