Software Development

Have an interesting business idea based on the internet business, but limited investment budget? You need a new company’s website or you want to upgrade your information system, but you do not have the resources to realize your project? We are the right solution for you. By delegating the development of your software project to Ates Soft, you get a reliable partner for it’s quick realization, with maximal flexibility, high quality and affordable price.

The power of Ates Soft comes from the strong basis in the HR management, experience in realization complex projects and application of the most advanced methods in software engineering.

Software development at Ates Soft is based on iterative method. Unless the client has different requirements, in software engineering we use LARMAN process and AGILE methodology, SCRUM before any other.


Typically the development cycle consists of the following phases:

Software Development

  • Project Initiation

  • Requirements Analysis

  • Development of a functional specification and USE Case diagrams

  • Assessment of required resources and the time needed for realization.

  • Engineering of system architecture and choice of technology.

  • Graphical user interface design (GUI design)

  • Project planning

  • Creation of the development team and dedicating roles within the team.

  • Establishing tracking of project management (Project Tracking & Management)

  • Development cycle by required number of iterations (SPRINTs)

  • Quality assurance (QA) and testing

  • Installing final releases (Deployment & Release Management)

  • Documentation creation

  • System maintenance

Once you decide to realize your project with Ates Soft, everything happens almost automatically. We run the entire development process and we take care of each phase. The process is fully transparent, and the client can take as much involvement as he wishes – ranging form the role of surveyor or controller to participation of your experts in certain phases of development.


Ates Soft offers different types of software development, using almost all the known technologies, though we specialize in:

Web design & development
  • Social Networks, Community portals, Dating platforms, Media portals, e-Learning platforms, e-Commerce (B2B & B2C solutions), e-Wallet solutions,  parts of e-Government systems and other more complex web portals.
  • Supported technologies:

OS:                Windows, Linux
DB:                SQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL
IDE:               Visual Studio, IntelliJ, Jbuilder, Eclipse, Netbeans
WS:               Apache, TomCat, IIS
Versioning:    SVN, Git
Tracking:       JIRA, Redmine
Test:              Unit Tests VS Test project, PHP Unit, Sellenium
Backend:       PHP (Zend, Symfony frameworks), MS .NET Framework (C#, ASP.NET), JAVA (JEE, Hibernate, Struts, Spring)
Front End:    Full Responsive, HTML 5, CSS 3, JS, jQuery, Bootstrap CSS

Mobile development
  • Special Applications for mobile devices (Smart phones, Tablets)
  • HTML5 / Responsive applications
  • Native development (iOS (Objective C, Xcode), Android)
  • Hybrid platforms (PhoneGap)