Outsourcing / Nearsourcing

IT Outsourcing is our core business. Whether it’s development of WEB portals, mobile applications, embedded systems or other types of software applications. We provide design services, content management, testing (Q.A.) or consulting services. We offer high quality developers, great infrastructure, reliable management system, full transparency and legal protection of your business.

Many clients entrusted us with their projects, not only for the affordable prices of the resources, which are apparent, but also, for the unprecedented quality and rigorous application of the highest industry standards in the area of the software development and additional services. We are expecting you!

We are offering a special NEARSOURCING / NEARSHORING concept, for our clients in Western Europe, which, along the default high level of services, takes advantage of the fact that Serbia is geographically very near the desired markets (less than 2 hours of flight to any location in Western Europe), and it’s in the same time zone. There are stable traffic routes and the possibility of travel without visas. Additionally, we pride in our employee’s the communication skills, good knowledge of foreign languages (primarily English and German), and the fact that cultural differences are practically non existent.

Ates Soft offers two basic models of outsourcing:


Outsourcing model “Classic”

  • According to the so called „Time & Material“ principle. Based on the client’s requirements, HR Department of Ates Soft supplies quickly experts with the required characteristics.  

  • Final decision in regard to accepting the candidates is in the hands of the client.

  • Project management on such a project is in the hands of the client.

  • The client pays only the effective working hours of the employees within his or her team.

  • This model is usually used by the clients who want to have their dedicated team within Ates Soft, as an integral part of their own organization, or as a part of a bigger development team on a global scale.

  • Ates Soft provides Management, Recruitment, Internal HR, Training and Education services, as well as all of the necessary infrastructure. Additionally we provide Pay Roll and legal protection services.

  • Cooperation between Ates Soft and the client according to this model is usually long-lasting.

  • If you wish, you have the possibility of taking over your team at any moment, in agreement with Ates Soft.

Outsourcing model “Project”

  • Ates Soft assumes the complete responsibility for the realization of the project based on the demands of the client. The model is better known as a turnkey solution.

  • This model is usually used by the clients who have an idea for a new project or they want to develop software for their own needs, but they do not have readily available team to develop the project at an affordable price.

  • The client gives functional and nonfunctional requirements relevant to the software.The experts of Ates Soft perform project analysis, system engineering, creation of functional specification, the choice of technology, design, and they assemble the development team. They also manage the development cycle, take care of the software quality, manage project changes, implement the project, train the users, as well as maintain the software later on.

  • The client can, if he or she wishes, choose the level of direct involvement during each phase of the project, and is always asked to sign off on any important decisions regarding the project.

  • The client gets full project documentation and has a full overview of the project at any time, via contemporary project management tools.

  • Ates Soft takes responsibility for the dynamics of the project, as well as for the quality of the delivered software.