Education & Training

Even though Republic of Serbia possesses fairly good educational system for the IT experts, through state and private Universities, specialized institutions and commercial agencies; during our operational years we often had a need to organize special, in-house courses and coaching at Ates Soft, in order to acquire specific knowledge and skills that are necessary for the development of our projects.

We have, at our disposal, all of the necessary organizational and infrastructure facilities (venue, equipment, coaches) for a successful realization of coaching and education, as well as significant experience in that field. We have organized a number of courses, both in partnership with the National Employment Bureau and in cooperation with our clients.

Some sort of education or training is often an integral part of complex projects we develop, though we also offer this service to our clients independently.


If you need to organize custom complex training for your current or future partners we can provide it for you at our premises or elsewhere, with in-house or the coaches of your choosing.

Professional trips can be an integral part of the training. Also, any part of the training can be, if necessary, organized at the client’s premises.

The curriculum of the education/training, the intensity of the training, entry level of the candidates, coaches, as well as commercial conditions are an additional parts of the contract and each course is viewed individually.