Who we are & what we do

Ates Soft, Nish, Serbia is the address where clients from all over the world find an ideal partner for mutual development of demanding projects. Also, young IT experts, get an ideal chance to build an exciting and successful career.

Regardless whether we develop the on-demand software from the initial idea to its full implementation, or we create a team that is going to be a part of your organization, we approach the projects thoroughly and offer the highest quality standards. If you entrust us with your project, you’ll get not only high quality, flexible and affordable resources, but also gain time, which has become an important factor in today’s business world. Thus you can focus on your core business. High quality of the product and lower development price, secured by your outsourcing partner will make your business more competitive.

Even though, the people who run Ates have an enormous experience in the IT industry, Ates Soft is a young company, founded in 2010. Till September of 2013 we were a part of Ates International Group from Switzerland and we were, exclusively, dedicated to German speaking markets (Switzerland, Germany, Austria). Since October 2013 the company has been sold to local management. The cooperation with the colleagues from Switzerland is still active, but now we have broadened our markets, and we have clients from all over the world.

Company’s headquarters are in Nis, the biggest city in Southern Serbia, and we have outlets in Belgrade and Novi Sad.

Ates Workspace
We proudly announce that our assets are:
  • Great working conditions, in terms of space, equipment and infrastructure.
  • Highly qualified experts – software engineers, designers and other professionals.
  • One of the best HR/Recruitment departments in an outsourcing company in Serbia, capable of quickly securing the best candidates.
  • Great database of available resources and great relationship with Serbian Universities
  • High quality operational and technical management.
  • Great experience in the business.

We offer different models of cooperation – the classical outsourcing model, where we choose the best people for you and create teams that you run, via outsourcing certain processes (QA, Education, Design, Support), or we can take full responsibility for the project.

Contact us, together we can find the best model for cooperation!


We perceive ourselves as the best partner for demanding clients. Those who wish for more, more flexibility and more dedication. The tendency to always give more is deeply uprooted in our corporate strategy. To achieve this mutual goal, the most important thing for us is constant betterment of personal performances – elevating the level of knowledge and advance quality control. We want to nurture honest and open relationship with our clients because it is the only way to build long-lasting and successful partnerships. The success of our partners is our success.


  • To be a stable and reliable partner to our client through long-lasting cooperation.

  • Give our clients the necessary flexibility in choosing the model of cooperation.

  • Give our clients full safety, transparency and control over the processes.

  • Nurture the highest possible quality standards and at the same time achieve quick turnout and efficiency.

  • Give our clients the best value for their money.

  • Secure attractive work environment for our current and future employees in order for them to improve their careers and thus become one of the most sought after employer for young talents in Serbia.



Kopitareva 19, 18000 Niš, SRBIJA

Phone number:

+381 18 451 7530 +381 18 452 1116

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